This metal keychain can be added to most styles that feature a loop. We can sell separate in a poly bag or install for you during Production. $0.42 C CAD.

 Custom cardboard package

Completely customized cardboard package with your logo, text, motto and url on both sides. Cardboard is 100% recyclable on residential bin and peggable. Minimum qty 50.

Extra cost $0.83 C CAD.

*All prices for package and accessories apply when PURCHASING USB drives.

Clear shell with peg

This FREE clear shell features a peg to hang in a wall or display unit. It is the perfect solution for your clients with showrooms or stores.

Large and medium key ring

If you prefer, we can arrange a medium or large keyring to be installed in your USB. $0.33 C CAD.


Available in multiple colors, they come installed in your USB drive or in a separate poly bag.

$0.33 C CAD.

Local Accessories

Clear shell

Your logo is at the forefront of our unique packaging shell which is stackable, resealable and recyclable not to mention FREE of charge. Dimensions: 95.2 x 50 x 17 mm (3.75" x 1.97" x 0.67")

*All prices for package and accessories apply when PURCHASING USB drives.

Small ring

This practical mini ring can be installed in several USB drives so that larger accessories or printed lanyards can be attached. $0.33 C CAD.

Small rope lanyard

This small rope features a lobster clip that easily attaches to several USB drives. $0.33 C CAD.


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 Plastic pouch

This pouch with resealable button can house several usb styles including the credit card and the swivel. It can also fit accessories such as a lanyard. $0.33 C CAD.

White tuck box

An alternative to our shell packaging, this FREE white tuck box is very popular and saves you shipping costs! It is available in several sizes to better fit your USB and accompanying accessories if any. Physical size varies but standard is 65 x 20 x 12 mm.

Local Packaging

We offer local production for several top selling USB drives both in USB 2.0 and 3.0: CL001-S, CL001-OC, P1002, P1004 and P1036. We provide a standard 5 days processing service at no extra cost and a 48-hour service for a small extra. You can download CAD C prices below.