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Detachable  Phone Strap

Phone grips

Universal security hand strap for cell phones that prevents accidental drops. Strong metal brackets with soft plastic coating adapts to most phones (with or without case). 

Nowadays, smartphones cost a fortune. Unfortunately, a simple drop can ruin any phone completely, cracking the screen or even breaking the camera. With these phones grips, you can put your mind at ease when handling your mobile phone. Phone grips will give you a better control of your device and significantly reduce the chances of dropping your smartphone. 

Length: 130 x 20 mm (5.12" x 0.79")

Logo Area (see photos): 15 x 15 mm (0.59" x 0.59")

Silkscreen: 1c included *ask for deboss

​​Color: black


Length: 482.6 mm (19")

Logo Area: Front 15.24 x 3.56 mm (0.6" x 0.14")

                   Back 18 x 23 mm (0.71" x 0.91")

Silkscreen: 1c included (ask for FULL COLOR)

​​Colors: black, white, orange, red, green, blue, yellow, purple

Hand Strap


Cost-effective, practical lanyard with detachable key ring strap that holds your cell phone securely. Safely hang your cellphone around your neck and release the button to remove it for use. Once detached, the key ring can be secured around your fingers for further support.