Inspired by Google's cardboard goggles, this inexpensive VR set is made of quality paper and helps you experience videos, rides and games in 3D. Take a tour in a remote island, walk through the streets of New York, go inside the human body, ride a rollercoaster or watch Netflix. The set can be branded with your logo to become the ultimate tech giveaway at your next event. 

Branded VR Cardboard Glasses

​​Toll Free: 1-888-727-7747

Quick facts:

- Pre-assembled, light & easy to use 

- Accommodates smartphones of up to 6''

​- Free Google apps for Android (Google Play)

- Free Apple apps for iPhone (iTunes)  

- For educational and entertainment purposes

- Apt for any age


- Inspired by Google cardboard v2

- Size: 145 x 60 mm (150 x 90 x 5.5 mm with sleeve)

- Decoration size: 135 x 50 mm

​- Decoration method: Silk Printing

- 1-2 color print 

- Comes with protective sleeve that serves as packaging

- Resin lens, AAA grade corrugated paper

- Asymmetrical biconvex lenses 37mm in diameter with 45mm Focal Length

- Built-in conductive touch button

- Works on iOS and Android devices

- Color: Brown cardboard

​- Minimum quantity order is 100 pcs with logo